Sunday, 20 December 2015

New Start on Designing a Dress!

Hi again :)
This is going to be another *short* post, just because I can't sleep and stuff. (Whoo!)
I've been set this project for English in school, and it's very vague and open ended because all we're given is a prompt sheet with ideas on. It's supposed to be a task where you just further explore Charles Dickens and all his work you're inevitably going to have to study. One of the ideas on the sheet was to recreate a character's costume, and, seeing that Miss Haversham's was a wedding dress, I kind of... well, I would say jumped at the opportunity, but it was more like divebombed. Jumped sounds uncharacteristically graceful for me. After a partially failed attempt at ordering the fabric from ye magical interweb, and subsequently discovering that 'netting' and 'tulle' and 'lace' are entirely separate things, I finally started designing the bodice from an original sloper I made for another project. ("And here's one I made earlier!!")
Thing is, I have a friend who's a dancer and therefore actually in shape (ie a twig but she doesn't like me calling her a twig) and no matter how much I bug her she won't be the model for the dress :'( And there I was,  looking forward to designing for an alternative figure... *sigh*
It's a ridiculous time so I'll sign of and say I'll post a picture of my progress on the dress tomorrow despite the fact that tomorrow is actually today and yesterday is the future and the whole world's going to explode.


Heather xx


  1. Sounds like a very challenging task.
    I am sure you will create a beautiful piece. Good luck and don't forget to share your progress!

  2. I bet it will be gorgeous. Good luck with it!